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XFEM4U is the MOST intuitive structural analysis and design software for 3D models of any structure. Consider, for example, a calculation of 3D frameworks in steel and/or wood, concrete beam grids, foundation slabs on an elastic soil, point-supported concrete flat slabs, walls, and so on. Whether or not combined in one model.

It is developed in close cooperation with the users of the software.

This page contains a complete list of all the features of XFEM4U. For more information check the Documentation XFEM4U.



  • Point, line, surface supports
  • Pinned, fixed, (rotational, strain) spring
  • XFEM4U Beams
  • XFEM4U Plates
  • Gridlines XYZ
  • Outer Panel
  • Layers
  • Dimension

Modelling/3D Navigation tools

  • Copy, move, delete, rotate
  • Copy including loads
  • Mirror
  • Multiple copies
  • Renumber
  • Find
  • Snap
  • Navigating in 3D using Revit or Tekla Style
  • 3D Mouse(By example 3D Connection) is supported
  • Solid view/Line view
  • Perspective, Orthographic
  • Screenshot
  • Zoom extents
  • Zoom selection
  • Hall Wizard


  • 3D Finite Element Method(FEM)
  • Force distribution is determined using the displacement method. Normal- and shear force deformations are taken into account
  • New powerful matrix/equation solver written in C#
  • Modern powerful meshing tool
  • Create local mesh refinements
  • Used hybride element type is based on the latest insights from engineering science.
  • Geometric Linear(GL) and Geometric Non-Linear(GNL) second order calculation
  • Geometric Non Linear for beams
  • Geometric Linear for plates
  • Physic Linear for Concrete, Steel and Wood


  • Load Cases/Combinations user defined or using the Eurocode
  • Beam load, plate load, free surface load, node load, free point load
  • Forced node displacement
  • Surface load can be used for load distribution to beams
  • Use of the local or global coordinate system
  • Load generator


  • Multiple languages are available: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, French and Dutch
  • CAD like user interface intuitive modern and fast
  • Colors, text height fully customable
  • 3D OpenGL Graphics


  • Eurocodes EN 1990, EN 1991, EN 1992, EN 1993 and EN 1995 are integrated where applicable
  • American Standard of steel ANSI/AISC 360-16 is integrated.
  • Dutch, German, UK, Belgium and Italian National Annex of the Eurocodes are integrated
  • Partial factors are based on consequence class and NA
  • Imperfection in 2 directions
  • Dutch specific features:
    • NEN 8700 integration
    • Old rebar steel types(FeB220,FeB400) are integrated
    • Earthquake calculations using the NEN-NPR 9998


  • Calculation of concrete beams using the Eurocode EN 1992-1-1
  • Checks ULS and SLS
  • FEM Calculation of reinforcement in plates based on all internal forces(M,N,V) using the latest scientific insights.
  • Using the 3-layer model
  • Shear force reinforcement in plates is calculated as well


  • Integrated Eurocode EN 1993(class 1-3 profiles)
  • Global buckling stability check using GNL(Second-order analysis)
  • Steel optimization module
  • ca 2700 different steel profiles integrated.
  • Built-up section
  • Deflection check including pre-camber
  • Integrated steel connection module. Beam-column moment connection can be calculated and the trilinear rotational rigidity diagram is used for the moment distribution
  • Tapered sections


  • Calculation of timber columns/beams using Eurocode
  • Global buckling stability check using GNL(Second-order analysis)
  • Climate classes are integrated
  • Tapered sections

Results & Reporting

  • Internal forces of beams(M,V,N)
  • Reaction forces
  • Envelop forces and stresses
  • Flat representation or 3D Isosurfaces
  • Plate stresses/forces(σ-x,σ-y,τ-xy,σ-von Mises, nxx, nyy, nxy, mxx, myy, mxy, vx, vy, Mudx, M'udx, Mudy, M'udy, Asxb, Asxt, Asyb, Asyt, Asxb_extra, Asxt_extra, Asyb_extra, Asyt_extra, Asw, m1, m2, v0, Traj-m, Traj-v, Soil pressure)
  • Different useful options for output selection
  • Create Bill of materials of beams


  • Import of DWG/DXF, XML,SDNF
  • Export of XML, SDNF, txt
  • Import/Export to Revit/Dynamo, Tekla using xml interface
  • Export to pdf, rtf


Below a number of Quickstart videos from our YouTube Channel: