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The principle of paying for Struct4U is Pay Per Use.

  • You pay € 3.65 per hour.(VAT excluded)
  • Never more than € 1600 per year (in case of year-license € 1155)
  • No fixed costs
  • No investment in software licenses

Check for more information our website: Prices

Trailversion & Registration

The trial principle works following these steps:

  1. Download the software
  2. You can use the software for 2 hours without registration
  3. When you register you receive 25 euro's of free analysis credits. That is ca 6.5 hours of using the software. This is for all the Struct4U Engineering Tools
  4. After that you have to purchase analysis credits. At least € 250.

Registration Process

1 Enter your details

  • Download and install the programs you need.
  • Start the program
  • Choose for “New account”.
  • The first time only you enter your data.
  • Choose for “Free €25 analysis credit”
  • You will receive an e-mail with your promo code.

2 Enter your promo code

  • Enter your promo code here that you have received from us by e-mail.
  • Your free credit of € 25 is immediately topped up and you can make your calculations.

3 Enter your promo code

Your unique Struct4uKey is automatically generated and entered here. (In this case “T89RE”) Enter your password here. By default, that is “12345”.

You can of course change your password in your data. (Step 1)

Please see also Upgrading Credit