System Requirements

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All the Struct4U Engineering Tools are written in C#. This is one of the most important .NET framework languages.


XConstruct, XFrame2D and XBeam2D are using only the processor for solving the equations and presenting the results.


Multithreading is supported.

A processor of min. 10000 points is recommended from CPU Benchmark

By example the Intel Core i7-8700T @ 2.40GHz


There is no requirement for memory. Usually only 100-200 MB is used.

Graphical Card

No requirement for XConstruct, XFrame2D and XBeam2D.

For XFEM4U all the activities in the 3D-view are done using the OpenGL-framework.

For this a videocard is recommended which supports OpenGL. OpenGL version 3.3 is used.

Almost all modern videocards support this version of OpenGL

All the Struct4U Engineering Tools support 4K Screen resolution.