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XBeam2D is the MOST intuitive structural analysis and design software for steel, concrete or timber beams on multiple supports and/or beds.

The user interface ensures fluid performance and enables fast input of your structure. The program is extremely easy to use (even without reading the manual first), intuitive, modern and incredibly fast.

This page contains a complete list of all the features of XBeam2D. For more information check the Documentation XBeam2D.



  • Point, elastic soil support
  • Pinned, fixed, (rotational) spring, also under an angle.
  • Beams

Modelling/Navigation tools

  • Copy, move, delete
  • Snap
  • Screenshot
  • Zoom extents
  • Zoom selection


  • Geometric Linear(GL) calculation
  • Physic Linear for Steel
  • Physic Non-Linear for Concrete, Timber


  • Load Cases/Combinations user defined or using the Eurocode
  • Beam load, F-load, M-load


  • Multiple languages are available: English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
  • CAD like user interface intuitive modern and fast
  • Beam Wizard
  • Colors, text height fully customable


  • Multiple languages are available: English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
  • The program determines the deformations and the force distribution among node- and/or beam loads or prescribed displacements for a 2D beam construction with chosen stiffness.
  • The force distribution is determined according to the displacement method, at which the normal- and shear force deformations are taken into account.


  • Eurocodes are integrated where applicable
  • Dutch, German, UK, Belgium and Italian National Annex of the Eurocodes are integrated
  • Partial factors are based on consequence class and NA
  • Dutch specific features:
    • NEN 8700 integration
    • Old rebar steel types(FeB220,FeB400) are integrated


  • Calculation of concrete beams using the Eurocode EN 1992-1-1
  • Checks ULS and SLS
  • Deformation calculation based on the M-N-Kappa diagram. Effects of reinforcement/cracked/non-cracked are taking into account.


  • Integrated Eurocode EN 1993(class 1-3 profiles)
  • ca 2700 different steel profiles integrated.
  • Built-up section
  • Deflection check including pre-camber
  • Tapered sections


  • Calculation of timber columns/beams using Eurocode
  • Climate classes are integrated

Results & Reporting

  • 100% transparant output
  • Internal forces of beams(M,V,N)
  • Reaction Forces
  • Envelop
  • Different useful options for output selection